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Implementing Discipline With Purpose


Contact the DWP office if you are interested in receiving an introduction to Discipline With Purpose in a PDF file.


Choose from these two options:
a) Contact the DWP office to schedule an 8 hour training workshop. This workshop would run 2 consecutive days from 8:00-12:00 which would allow participants the afternoon to plan how they will implement the concepts and practices presented. Cost: $220 per person and includes a Workbook, Tips booklet and Lesson Plan CD or Resource materials. Institution requesting training would also pay transportation and two nights housing. If 50 or more persons register for the training the cost of travel and housing would be waved.

b) Purchase the DWP In-service Training Program. The packet includes:

  • A CD with 12 power point chapters
  • Twenty-eight handouts with reflection questions, information and assignments
  • Twenty-four skill reminder cards
  • A CD of 13 different skill illustrations
  • A CD of bulletin board ideas
  • Six CDs of lesson plans for pre-school through ninth grade
  • A DWP Committee booklet and
  • Five copies of the Tips Everyone Can Use to Teach the Skills.
(Additional copies of the Tips booklet can be purchased at $15 per book.) Cost for the entire training packet - $899


Develop a five member in-house committee responsible for using the DWP Committee Booklet (Item 131) and Assessments Made Easy (Item 132) to:
a) Set 3-5 year implementation goals
b) Inform parents of the Discipline With Purpose program.
c) Assess the progress students and adults make in demonstrating self-discipline skills.
d) Be the liaisons between the institution and the DWP office.


Discipline With Purpose Consultants are available to provide follow-up in-service opportunities with students, parents and teachers. Contact the DWP office to arrange for time, place and costs.

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